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: Great snooker sessions start and end with Riley!Although snooker has really gained in popularity in recent years thanks to live television coverage, the modern game was first invented more than a century ago. There are various snooker equipment manufacturers about, but if you see a Riley Snooker international table for sale, you'll soon see that its quality really does shine through. However, Riley have no intention of resting on their laurels. Their focus is as much on future technological developments as on their admittedly proud past. Riley use only the very best Italian slate, meaning their slate snooker table delivers excellent performance over the long-term.To the untrained eye, all tables look alike, but you can actually play around a lot with different trims, pocket finishes and wood finishes.It's worth bearing in mind the size of the room you want to use - will it be big enough for your table?So, you've got the gear, now you can start playing like Jimmy White...at least, in theory!

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